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04 Dec Online Casinos: A New Age

Few things can beat the sound of a fresh deck of cards being shuffled by a dealer, or the feeling of a crisp set of chips ready to be gambled at a moment’s notice during a tense game of blackjack. Walking into a large Vegas or Atlantic City casino coupled with the atmosphere of thrill, excitement, and risk, can bring a rush of adrenaline that many of us get addicted to. Land casinos have always been undeniably popular, but there has been noticeable, dare I say tremendous shift in the gambling community in the past couple decades. This shift was brought on by the increasing presence of online gambling, and it is only getting more popular as the years pass. An Uprising It is no secret that we are definitely in an age of technology, and every bit of machinery we have today whether in a factory or in our hands is fueled by the same source: the internet. This is an era of smartphones, AI, cryptocurrencies, information and technology. While all of this sounds amazing, this has left somewhat of a blow to land casinos. Over the last few decades land casino's profits have been steadily declining, and gambling as a whole seemed to dwindle, until the presence of online gambling arose. It wouldn't be a far cry to say that online gambling saved the industry as a whole. Millennials are reshaping the World Before this internet age, just a couple short decades ago, people did things vastly different. There was no google, no social media, no smartphones, and no online shopping. People talked, communities banded together, and people actually had to leave the house to shop. When it was time to gamble, a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City or any other known gambling city was the norm. As we stand now, by the year 2020 millennials will make up for over 50% of the workforce. This coupled with the rise of the internet age will bring vast changes to the world in the next couple decade. These enormous numbers of millennials love online/mobile games and have been brought up in this internet age, so they are accustomed to doing more activities from the comfort of their living room. All of these factors play a huge role in the uprising of the online gambling era. Privacy and Variety There's no doubt that the internet brings unlimited amounts information and variety, and it is no different with online casino Canada websites. Say you walk into a large Casino in Reno, and it has about 70 slot machines waiting seductively for your indulgence. Online casinos in comparison will have hundreds of slots, all awaiting you. Privacy is also priceless among many people including those who frequent casinos. Gamblers all over the country wouldn't have to worry about the extreme rush of people pouring into casinos, and better yet wouldn't have to deal with giving personal/financial information to shady casinos and their dealers. Upmost privacy is absolutely crucial for the best gambling experience. The era of online casinos is here to stay, and it has rightfully earned its place next to the land casino. No authorities dictating games, no obnoxious gamblers, freedom to choose your payment method, and absolute privacy. This is gambling at its finest....

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