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15 May Next Level In Movie Streaming

As a child, I recall having a couple of favorite movies on VHS and when TV programming failed me we would watch The Little Mermaid or Home Alone over and over for hours. I couldn't imagine at this time having every cartoon at my fingertips or outside may have become a figment of my imagination. With the growth in technology you literally have millions of series, documentaries and free movies at your fingertips. TV has changed so much so quickly with streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime that people are now able to control their programming. There are many streaming platforms as well creating another field of technology in itself with Roku, firestick, and other streaming boxes. Life After Cable Cable and satellite TV is how many people receive their TV programming, however with streaming services some people have cut the bill entirely. Movie rentals are struggling to stay relevant because many of the same titles are included on the monthly services and some allow purchasing of titles or renting new titles removing the need to leave the house to grab a Redbox or rental from a traditional store. Cable TV has increased in prices and to obtain every channel these elusive packages with almost all companies will bring a bill in the $200 range while most streaming plans are $9.99 or less per month. When all you need is an internet connection to have control of programming with tons of variety and unique series it really is a win-win when comparing to traditional cable plans.   The Future Of Movie Streaming In the past few years, Netflix went from pretty much having a monopoly to having serious competition. Each year you see new streaming services, new channels, and programming that is changing the face of TV. Recently you can find companies such as Sling TV who are bringing programming, and it's going to be much more in the upcoming years. This is the new wave and while it isn't clear if cable of satellite programming will ever go away but it seems fairly clear that no one has to depend on either for quality programming. Companies such as Xfinity have to grow and update their services to stay up to date and they still lack top HD quality. While the picture quality of most streaming services seems to be important they are on the cusp of technology to provide the highest HD quality. Even cable and satellite providers had to fall in line with the new trend creating on-demand services, DVR, and movie rentals. They have to provide additional programming options so viewers have more control but there are still more commercials on traditional programming than with streaming services. Some cable and satellite providers even provide online streaming of your service so you can take it anywhere and some even provide games but it regardless of them trying to keep up the streaming companies seem to be the ones setting the trends....

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07 Oct Mall Entertainment

[vc_row row_type="row" use_row_as_full_screen_section="no" type="full_width" angled_section="no" text_align="left" background_image_as_pattern="without_pattern" css_animation=""][vc_column][vc_column_text] Shopping malls are modern adaptations of the historical marketplaces. The idea of offering all kinds of services and shopping options to the people came around in the mid-1950s when the suburban enclosed mall model was made popular in North American cities. Within no time, shopping malls started popping up all around America. Entertainment has always been an important part of the mix since the evolution of enclosed malls came about. Whether it may be music or a central mall court with periodic magic shows, fashion shows, traditional showcases, cultural displays or visits by Santa Claus and Easter bunny, there has always been something added to the shopping multiplexes to not only make the shopper’s time at the mall productive but also enjoyable. Back till the 1970s, such kinds of entertainment centre venues where not the part of the malls and were rarely seen on special occasions only. But now, the modern shopping malls are setting new trends to provide entertainment to its visitors. In the modern era, shopping Malls are now becoming places of entertainment and enjoyment too. The malls are now built with usually a floor or some area dedicated solely to food and the visitors can have access to yummy food options ranging from snacks to 5-course meals. Fast Food Diners, Coffee shops, Ice cream and gelato, Chinese food shops, Bakeries and Candy Shops are some of the food options that are made available to the visitors in almost every mall nowadays. In addition to food, there are also other options for the visitor’s enjoyment. Cinemas and theatres showcasing the latest shows and movies are also becoming a part of the malls. There are gaming zones and play areas dedicated for the children to enjoy in while their parents shop. Indoor games and mini golf courts are also provided. There are swimming pools built on rooftops and indoors for the visitors. Rides and theme parks are also built inside malls to provide all sorts of entertainment to the kids. Climbing arena ice-skating courts and even indoor snowboarding and chairlifts are now made available in some top-notch luxurious malls. The shopping malls are now not only a place to shop but also find entertainment. There are many people, who have become regular mall visitors, go to the mall for spending a good time and getting entertained, with all the variety of enjoyment choices, instead of shopping. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]...

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